“Measuring Forest Trees” Offered at the Vinton Furnace State Experimental Forest on August 10th.

Posted on July 26, 2012


Using a Biltmore Stick to measure tree diameter

Would you like to be able to measure the height and diameter of a tree in your woods or to estimate the number of board feet of lumber that it can yield?  Woodland owners in SE Ohio can find out at “Measuring Forest Trees” on August 10th at the VintonFurnaceStateExperimentalForest near McArthur.

The program is designed to help you learn basic techniques anyone can use to measure the trees in their woodlot.  Woodland owners who attend this program will:

  • Understand reasons for measuring trees in your woods
  • Learn to accurately foot pace to estimate distance and acreage
  • Receive a tree measuring stick tool and learn to use it to measure tree height and diameter
  • Use the measuring stick to estimate the number of board feet in individual trees
  • Recognize the basics of tree quality and how it impacts tree economic value
  • Know sampling techniques to estimate board footage of timber in your woods

“Measuring Forest Trees” is part of the monthly 2nd Friday Series sponsored by the Education and Demonstration Subcommittee of the Vinton Furnace State Experimental Forest with support from the ODNR-divisions of Forestry and Wildlife, USDA Forest Service, Vinton County Soil and Water Conservation District, Ohio State University Extension, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Hocking College, and Glatfelter.

“Measuring Forest Trees” will take place at the VintonFurnaceStateExperimentalForest, near McArthur, on August 10th from 10 am to 3:30 pm.  A registration fee of $10 will include lunch and program materials including a tree measuring stick.   For brochures and more information, visit http://go.osu.edu/seohiowoods.  Please RSVP by calling OSU Extension Vinton County at 740-596-5212, or emailing Dave Apsley at apsley.1@osu.edu by August 6th.

Links to resources:

Second Friday Series Brochure

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