Opportunity to learn about “Kudzu: The Vine That’s Eating Lawrence County” on June 5th at OU Southern

Posted on May 31, 2012


Kudzu: The Vine That’s Eating Lawrence County

Ohio University Southern is opening its doors to a cooperative effort by the Iron Furnace Cooperative Weed Management Area with Ironton In Bloom Inc. to provide a free informative seminar about identifying, reporting, and controlling kudzu, and what programs are available to help landowners in Ohio during control.

Stephanie Downs, with the Ohio Division of Forestry, will present an informative seminar, “Kudzu: Taking over Lawrence County”, on Tuesday, June 5th at 6:30pm in the Rotunda of the Riffe building at Ohio University Southern, 1804 Liberty Avenue, Ironton, OH 45638.

Kudzu is an aggressive climbing semi-woody vine, whose aggressive growth of 1 ft per day can easily displace most any other plant.  The weight of the vines can tear down tree branches and power lines, and can grow over buildings.

Many are aware of the damage kudzu has done in the South, but are unaware of its presence in Lawrence County.  With 15 of the 61 reported populations in Ohio, it is crucial that citizens of Lawrence County work together to help control the expanding kudzu population before it becomes out of control.

This is not just a problem of woodland owners though; many of the populations are in or around the towns and villages of the area. In Ironton alone, there are 3 populations.

Carol Allen, co-director of Ironton In Bloom Inc is encouraging locals to report populations and volunteer with the Iron Furnace Cooperative Weed Management Area to help remove populations in the area, “Only by working together can we control kudzu and prevent the damage and headaches that will occur in the future if we don’t do anything now”.

To identify kudzu vine, look for trifoliate leaves, with leaflets 3-4 inches wide.  Leaves are alternately arranged on the stem, with bronze hairs covering the leaves and stems. If you are unsure of the identification of kudzu, populations can be viewed at the north side of the 600 block of Rockwood Ave (State Rt 7) in Chesapeake, OH  or the by the cannons at the Woodlawn Cemetery in Coal Grove, OH.

Anyone interested in managing kudzu on their property or is concerned with kudzu spreading in Lawrence County or southern Ohio should take advantage of this free informative seminar on Tuesday, June 5th at 6:30pm at Ohio University Southern.  For further information or to report populations of kudzu in the area, contact Eric Boyda at (740) 534-6578 or ericboyda@ironfurnacecwma.org.

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