Woodland Wonders

Posted on May 1, 2012


April 23rd: As we were pondering how we were going to repair a severely damaged deer fence (2 large trees down) on one of my deer browse plots at Tar Hollow,  Jim Downs pointed out this delicate beauty growing within 10 feet of  the exclosure.   Just my luck!  a beautiful,  pink lady’s slipper and no camera!    Since we didn’t  have all of the equipment and materials to make the repairs, we scheduled a return visit for the following Monday.  Maybe it will still be in flower when we return next week!

April 30th:  Hoping that the lady’s slipper will still be in flower, I arrive a little early and make my way to the damaged exclosure with camera in hand,  and……

I’ve been to this plot dozens of times, and I usually dread it (downed fences, charcoal from prescribed burns and green briar,  lots of green briar!).  After looking around the site we found three more smaller plants in the area.   Now I can’t wait  to make a visit next spring!


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